About Me

About Jess

An introverted know-it-all sharing her world

That’s probably how my family and closest friends would describe me. I just can’t help it, I’ve always had to share the knowledge I had within. I love learning, traveling, and experiencing new things so I decided to finally put it all in one place!

Named after my catchy Instagram handle (Jess4ureyes), I share a more in-depth view of my passion – travel. Most of my friends and family know me as “the traveler”, and while I’ve seen a few amazing countries, I still have a goal to visit so many more. Experiencing different cultures is such a fulfilling feeling for me but one of my favorite parts is definitely the FOOD. So many yummy (and not so yummy) flavors I have tasted while traveling, the stories I will tell! I also live in NYC which has an obscene amount of restaurants and home to some of the most absurd creations, how could I not be a foodie?

I created this blog for:

  • Those that can spend hours wandering around a new city 🚶‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️
  • Women who have questions about Solo Travel 🤳🏾
  • Anyone that wants to know what’s it like to travel on a budget and how they can too 💸
  • Black women to read my experience traveling abroad (and to share theirs as well) #BlackandAbroad 🙅🏾‍♀️
  • The brave ones that will try any new food once 🐌
  • Millennials that use #LivingMyBestLife in their caption 🙌🏾

Really, anyone else that wants to come along for the ride!

Thank you all for joining me this journey and be sure to check out my latest posts here.