Guilty Of The Travel Flex?

You’ve seen these kinds of pictures on social media. Elaborate outfits, heels in the desert, full-out photo shoots, unconventional designer wardrobe changes, all in pursuit of the ultimate travel flex for the ‘gram.

In Greece, we had several unplanned photo shoots. This was one – It was on my birthday (hence the dress) and we wound up climbing a mountain…I climbed in a dress & heels because I didn’t want to be left behind.

The photos always look gorgeous, flawless and impressive but they are also met with criticism. Questions of: “Is this what travel has become for the millennial traveler?” ” Flying to another continent to plan out an elaborate photo shoot so you can stunt on Instagram?” and so on. I must admit, I have briefly had these thoughts also, but I remember that I have no idea what else these people do on the trip so I shouldn’t assume anything.

When you have money and you want to show it. HA!
Ok, Luda!

I love taking photos. Of myself, of others and of the things I see and experience. On the last trip I took, I found an article about the best “Instagrammable” spots in that city while researching things to do in Cartagena. I sent this to my friend and since we were both celebrating birthdays, we decided to look for these spots in pursuit of that dope Instagram shot. As we were there, I noticed so many others doing the same thing. On more than one occasion, we would just bypass a photo opp because there was a long wait or a group was having a mini photo shoot.

Actress Parineeti Chopra, I’m wondering how many shots it took for these gorgeous photos?!

Recently, I came across an Instagram page that has AMAZING photos of a female traveler. She rocked designer clothes in an ice cave, heels in a majority of the photos, and had looks that could rival the pages of Vogue magazine. My first thought was how does her packing go because I would imagine she packed clothes specifically for these photos as well as more practical clothes so she could actually enjoy herself. Then, I wondered are these clothes that she was keeping or did she get them with the specific purpose of the photos and would return them later. A recent study in Britain showed a growing number of shoppers buying clothes specifically to post on Instagram and then return the clothing right after.

We all know Beyoncé is a perfectionist, this wasn’t the first take.
A picture with an infinity pool is a must!

I began to think about it. I’ve been guilty of that myself in a way. I have bought an outfit with a specific location or event during a trip in mind and never wearing it again after that one instance. I can remember being out shopping for socks or some essential household item and seeing a beautiful dress I HAD to have so I can wear it on vacation. Browsing Amazon often and shopping for bathing suits that will turn heads. And you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that. When we travel, it’s often an escape from our everyday lives. So what does it matter if some people want to dress up for the adventures as long as they’re still enjoying themselves? While I travel to experience a different culture and see new things, I’m also going there to take photos so that I’ll never forget these moments. so what’s the harm in looking good in these photos especially if I’m sharing them with others. Will I spend thousands on this endeavor, no, but I’m here for all these glamorous travel shots.

What do you guys think? Yay or nay for this Instagram-worthy glam shots trend?

If you’re going to do it, you might as well SLAY. I LOVE this photo!! Photo Credit: Photographer Elton Anderson and friends in Bali