Jess For Your Eyes

Welcome to Jess For Your Eyes!

Get it? Jess For Your Eyes?! Pretty clever huh?

I figured I should make my first post a formal introduction to my site and tell you a little about me. Jess For Your Eyes is a place where I share info about one of my biggest passions: travel! I also live in one of the most exciting cities in the world, New York, so I will have some of the things I see and do around the city sprinkled in.

As I travel, I take thousands of pictures and videos and journal daily so I can look back on my trips when I want to take a stroll down memory lane. I’ll be posting the highlights and pitfalls of my travels here. I’ll also be posting my favorite photos here as well as some fun videos.

I’ll be answering your travel-related questions too so be sure to contact me with anything you want to have answered.

Be sure to follow my Instagram page @jess4ureyes(personal) and @jessforyoureyes(travel only)

Thanks for reading and be sure to comment, subscribe and share!

Enjoying the sun on Jacob Riis Beach (Queens, NY)!

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